Jack John Arthur William
After an epic voyage begining in the
Bahamas, probably starting in Conception
Island, covering seventeen islands, and
three transatlantic flights, baby Jack  
Rodriguez made safe landfall on 7th
November 2004 at 0939hrs GMT in position
Lat 51.04N Long 1.48W (Salisbury District
Hospital, UK) weighing 8lbs 3oz..

However,  it was not all plain sailing. On the
final approach at 0911hrs GMT, baby Jack
put out a Pan Pan Medico.The excellent
hospital team picked up his distress call on
the fetal heart monitor and launched into

At 0914 hrs Nicola was in theatre and
prepped for an emergency C-section. At
0939hrs baby Jack was safely alongside his
relieved and proud parents.

We are thrilled to welcome him aboard, and
happy to report that mother and baby are
doing well.
In the birthing pool with midwife Jenny Stagg
Just one hour old
Clean and brand new
Home and very happy
In recovery with Mummy & Daddy
Grandma Rodriguez
Grandma Watkins
With Amber, our midwife.