We met  in July 01, married in May 02 and  gave up our television and
advertising careers in the UK for the cruising life. From July 02 and
July 04 we logged 12,000 miles on our yacht Moonshine, a 36 foot
Westerly Corsair. We sailed from the Hamble in the Solent down the
West coast of Europe to Gibraltar, then on to Tenerife, and across
the Atlantic to Antigua. From there we voyaged north to the USA
where we survived hurricane Isabel in the Chesapeake in September
04. After Isabel we headed south again along the Intracoastal
Waterway, taking in a side-trip to Cuba. After Christmas sailing across
the Bahama Banks we beat into the wind along the thorny path
through the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Dominican Republic, Puerto
Rico, the US Virgins, and British Virgins and on down the eastern
Caribbean chain. In Luperon, Dominican Republic we were thrilled to
discover Nicola was pregnant.  In July 04 we left Moonshine in
Grenada returning to the UK for the birth. (The baby had clocked up
seventeen Caribbean islands before he was born.)
Moonshine was seriously damaged in September 04 in Hurricane Ivan.
Jack was born on November 7th.  After an ugly fight with the insurers
we bought a Moody 38 which we have re-named Seraphim.  In July 05
the family Rodriguez sailed to France, motored down the French
Canals, and into the Mediterranean. After reaching Gibraltar ready to
sail across the Atlantic again, we discovered another baby was on the
way. Seraphim then spent 2006 in the Balearics and we returned to
UK where baby James was born in November.
As of  November 2008 and into 2009, we are cruising the Caribbean
and the USA with our new crew and have since launched successful
careers as a
Yacht Broker and a Writer. We are also proud to be
members of The Ocean Cruising Club.

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