Hurricane Ivan
On the sixth  of September 2004
we were back in UK preparing
for the birth of our first child
when a good friend of ours,
Tom Casey, skipper of "Cricket"
telephoned to say he was
concerned that Hurricane Ivan
was heading way too far south.
We watched the Satellite loops
in horror as  Ivan smashed into
Grenada (unheard of in 150
years) as a category 3-4

News was slow to come out, but
soon we had the pictures you
see here. The situation is very
Grenada has been ripped apart,
good friends have lost homes
and boats and our beloved
Moonshine has been wrecked.

We are thankful to be safe and
well, having left the Island a
few weeks before, to prepare
for the arrival of our baby.

More news will be posted here
soon and Yachting Monthly have
asked Nicola to prepare an
article regarding the effects
and consequences, on us and
Moonshine, of Ivan .

Further info can be found at
along with ways to help the
people of Grenada.

We are ok and keeping positive.
Thanks to all our friends in the
Yachting world for all your
messages of support.

On a brighter note we have
articles in September and
December Yachting monthly as
well as October Sail and Blue
water sailing.

Fair winds (Very)

John and Nicola

More photos down the page.
Right click properties over each
photograph for a brief
description. Thanks to Don
Casey for the photos. (Scroll to
bottom of page)
Noaa satellite image of Ivan
Moonshine in centre
A terrible sight for any yachtsman
Stands smashed through hull
Not good
This was the yard and boat hoist building
The boatyard
We were here six weeks ago
The eye over Grenada